welcome to the super rat blog

so finally after so many years of tryin to get a website together at last we have one! we are still doing construction on it,but the basic lay-out is here for us to build off.

so im gonna do a little intro. this is carl from super rat. most the blogging will be handled by me,my brother markus, or chad derosa from derosa photography.com.he does alot of filming and photography for us and were blessed to have him involved, cuz he has an amazing eye and just a general great sense of style in everything he does.

we are gonna do our best to keep this site a lively place you can go and catch up on the latest projects and goings on at the shop.

one thing i can promise is our team at super rat will always have exciting projects going on,and for the most part no two will be the same. our focus right now is on bonneville land speed racing, and i can see that going on indefinately. so this year we will be building a minimum of 2 new bikes for the salt.

our team includes markus and me,also bill woods and jason omer.i will get pictures up of all of us. also we will have t-shirts and skateboards and misc motorcycle parts as well.please be patient.

we also have some really big things cookin as far as exposure goes,but i keep that quiet until i have everything nailed down so i dont look like a sh!t talker.

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